About this site

This website (irongiant.wikidot.com) is the home of the Template Sites Project, dubbed "Iron Giant".

If you return to the home page you can find a list of the current projects in various stages, from basic concepts to templates that are ready for use.

I see a template I want, how do I get a copy?

The Wikidot development team are working on this issue at the moment, but for now you're able to request a clone. What this means is that one of the admins of the template that you want will create a cloned copy of the site and make you the master administrator of that copy.

To put forward a request, just open up the page for the template you want and find the link to the Wikidot Projects Forum in the Useful links section on the right of the page. If clicking on the link brings you to a list of threads (instead of opening a thread for you), then you'll need to create a new thread. Please put the template name in the title.

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