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http://personal-template.wikidot.comA personal website for social networking.

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This site is still under construction.

If you have any comments or suggestions, but don't feel like contributing directly, you can visit the forum by clicking on "Wikidot Projects Forum" on the right, and I'll add your idea to the site :)

What this site will not have:

  • A forum
  • A wiki focus (it's more of a website, rather than a wiki)

Still todo, but waiting for a feature to become available first:

  • Need a more controlled watchers module — Allow watching of blog, status updates, photos only
  • The "what am I doing now" system needs an auto-save feature for the NewPage module (only uses %%title%%)

To clone the template, go to the template site and click on the "clone" button.

Todo list from site

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Project status

This Iron Giant site is experimental

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