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http://photo-gallery-template.wikidot.comA shared photo gallery, with blogging.

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This application started out being built from the blog application and Ed Johnson's photo gallery package. It has now grown to include not only the built-in support Wikidot provides for Flickr and the [[gallery]] module, but it also supports Picasa Web Albums and Photobucket Albums. Administratively, it's very low maintenance and should be easy for even novice users to contribute content.

Anyone can join the site and create a photo gallery. You can modify the site permissions to restrict access to known people, and you can make the gallery private if you need to. This makes it an ideal place for people to share their photographs, especially for some special occasion or event.

To clone the template, go to the template site and click on the "clone" button.

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Project status

This Iron Giant site is stable

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Examples of use

My Family Photos (different theme, similar functionality)

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