Free Wikidot Apps

Iron Giant is a project to create a bunch of free Wikidot applications. These applications are ready-to-use template sites aimed at specific tasks. Using an Iron Giant application gets you started much faster.

This is a joint effort by Wikidot experts that brings together the best knowledge and practices developed over several years. See also Iron Giant best practices.

To make a clone of one of these sites visit the template itself and find the clone button on the homepage.
Or to discuss something else, please use the forum. Old text start page.

Recommended — tagged with _recommended

Ready for use — tagged with _stable

Personal Blog


Personal Blog Template

Posted by Squark

Feedback Platform


Communication platform between project developers and users
Posted by Squark

Waiting on some final details — tagged with _draft or _experimental

Started but not developed — tagged with _concept

Legacy templates — tagged with _legacy

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